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Renewable Materials + Technologies for the Building Industry

ReNüTeq is committed to delivering renewable materials, technologies & innovative solutions within the building industries. Ultimate aesthetics, performance, and sustainability is achieved through the integration of SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) via proprietary technologies and processes.

At ReNüTeq, the integration of renewable technologies = innovation that never stops...

EV - Charging - BMW - Designed By Luke S

Innovation, and efficiency are at the core of our company.  From preliminary concept to design development, the goal remains the same.  It is our mission to ensure that efficient solutions are the result of our sustainable technologies and services through the meticulous design and development process.  


ReNüTeq's technology was initiated in 2007 by leading ASTM Testing Standardization of (SEB) Structural Engineered Bamboo (LVB & (RLB) into the international standards. The team is lead by seasoned technology focused business leaders, and product developers who are familiar with  performance driven requirements for an array of products & solutions.


Stemming from our team's focus on the performance of its products and systems both large and small, we meticulously create, then integrate our renewable materials-technology and solutions into projects internationally to create value for all parties involved. From finite detailing of building solutions to full scale buildings and structures innovation is obtained. 



ReNüTeq is a USA based international building technologies company that focuses on innovation through the integration of sustainable material technologies, architecture, & engineering services.  ReNüTeq provides building solutions through: design, materials, products, and their specifications per the project requirements.


The ReNüTeq team is focused on top level Business to Business partnerships to accomplish its performance building solutions made from our Architectural Grade SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) products. Our team works with its business partners and clients to accomplish efficient solutions and practices to allow for the highest level product value and performance impacting a wide array of industries. 

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1- ReNuTeq - Fabrication - Frame Series.


    LEED V-4 and BREEAM Qualified

  • MRc1 - Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction

  • MRc3 - Building Product Disclosure - Sourcing 

  • EQc2- Low Emitting Materials (No added formaldehyde)

  • INc1 - Innovation in Design (Life Cycle/Environment Impact)


Structural Engineered Bamboo Tower
Structural Engineered Bamboo Tower

St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Project details are confidential. Expected Completion 2025

Tower - ReNüTeq - SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo)
Tower - ReNüTeq - SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo)

KULTURHUSET TOWER ReNuTeq's Structural Engineered Bamboo will be integrated into the primary structure. - Completion is expected in 2025.

Structural Engineered Bamboo - Airport Terminal
Structural Engineered Bamboo - Airport Terminal

Confidential Project

Airport Terminal - ReNuTeq - Structural Engineered Bamboo
Airport Terminal - ReNuTeq - Structural Engineered Bamboo

Confidential Project. Expected Completion 2026

Structural Engineered Bamboo - Roof Framing System
Structural Engineered Bamboo - Roof Framing System

Airport Terminal - Confidential Project - Expected Completion 2026

Solar Charging - Drivers Lounge
Solar Charging - Drivers Lounge

Solar Powered Structure - Structural Engineered Bamboo

ReNuTeq Frame
ReNuTeq Frame

Yaan Theater - Designed by Luke Schuette Integrating ReNuTeq's Structural Frame Solutions

ReNuTeq - Structural Engineered Bamboo
ReNuTeq - Structural Engineered Bamboo

Heavy Timber Structural Elements made from Structural Engineered Bamboo as an alternative to timber construction

ReNuTeq Solis-Domino-4 Positions
ReNuTeq Solis-Domino-4 Positions

Soler Powered Structure - Solar Canopy - Designed by Luke Schuette



USA Home Office-Operations:

8000 Hall Street,

St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

South America Operations:

Francisco de Orellana 805 y Portugal. Pifom, Ecuador, South America

ReNüTeq International - Media Relations:

PO BOX 179307, St. Louis MO 63117 USA


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