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ReNüTeq® Form™  Series | SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo)

Fabricated | Finished | Kitted with Aluminum and Steel Hardware

Amazon Robotics - NIKE TOTE RACK-096_edited
ReNuTeq Element (2)
Vertiv-SEB - ReNuTeq_edited
ReNuTeq - SEB - Form Series - Aluminum Connectors
ReNuTeq Element (1)
ReNuTeq - SEB - Form Series - Aluminum Connectors
ReNuTeq Glaz Series (4)
ReNuTeq - Screen (11)_edited
ReNuTeq Glaz Series (2)_edited
Structural Engineered Bamboo Beams - Luke Schuette - ReNuTeq_edited
ReNuTeq - Frame Series (SEB) BMW (90)
1- ReNuTeq - Fabrication - Frame Series.
ReNuTeq - Brickell City Center - Miami-5
ReNuTeq - Brickell City Center - Miami-7
ReNuTeq -RLB - Novum  (4)
Luke Schuette Designs - ReNuTeq - BMW
ReNuTeq - Brickell City Center - Miami-8
ReNuTeq Glaz Series (5)_edited


The Form Series of products are integrated into various industrial, product, and architectural applications. Our Sustainable, and Performance Grade SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) is optimal for applications that require ultimate performance and uniformity. 

  • Dimensional Components

  • Industrial | Server Racking - Pod Elements 

  • Manufacturing Structural Track - Support 

  • Architectural & Industrial Elements

  • Soffit-Ceiling and Screen Systems 

ReNüTeq is the leading engineered bamboo manufacturer for performance grade, tested, and certified products. 

Precision hardware, and SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) is uniquely combined to create innovative products and solutions worldwide. ReNüTeq is the world's technology leader for over 17 years. Learn More+

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ReNuTeq - SEB - Structural Engineered Bamboo -Dim. Comp..png
ReNuTeq - Screen System - Element Series.png
Arch2O-brickell-city-centre-arquitectonica-arquitectonicageo-12 - ReNuTeq - Form - Screen
Proprietary Project - ReNuTeq - Structural Engineered Bamboo
ReNuTeq - Brickell City Center - Miami-7.jpg
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