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We are a USA based International Company and and work with design and business professionals worldwide from our manufacturing and operations facilities in the USA, Europe and Latin America. Our Headquarters & Western operations are strategically located in the center of the country in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Our fabrication and kitting facilities are in the USA, and Europe allowing for manufacturing and fabrication of inventory for projects to be delivered as efficiently as possible. 

We are an equal opportunity employer, and hire based on merit and qualifications only: Positions are not determined by Race or Gender.   


If your not afraid of real work that will challenge you mentally, physically, and even spiritually, and you take it upon yourself to be to most effective in your job...


And, If you are self-driven to better yourself and the team without wasting time, complaining, and making excuses for not doing the absolute best job you can... See our current Openings in the USA

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ASTM - Structural Engineered Bamboo - ASTM Standards


ReNüTeq USA Operations:

6300 Etzel Ave.  

St. Louis MO 63133 USA

ReNüTeq South America Operations:

Francisco de Orellana 805 y Portugal. Pifo – Ecuador. South America

ReNüTeq International - USA: Media/Investor Relations

PO BOX 179307, St. Louis MO 63117 USA

ReNüTeq Operations - Manufacturing:

-Structural Engineered Bamboo Processing

-Curtain Wall/Commercial Glazing

-GluLam Beams and Columns 

-SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo)

-RLB (Radial Laminated Bamboo)

-LVB (Laminated Veneer Bamboo)

-CLB (Cross Laminated Bamboo)

-Structural Lamination: 22' x 4' Billets

-Re-saw Capacities: 25 hp Rip Saw


-Fabrication - Commercial Milling Capacities

Beam and Component Fabrication:

Kitting of Structures

Full Solar Structure Assembly and Kitting

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