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ReNüTeq® SȯLiS™ - Solar Structures | EV Charging Infrastructure

Aluminum | Steel + SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo)

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ReNuTeq - Frame Series (SEB) BMW (9)_edited
Luke Schuette Designs - ReNuTeq - BMW
ReNuTeq - EV Solutions - Solis - LVB - Stainless Steel
EV - Charging - BMW - Designed By Luke Schuette
ReNuTeq Solis - Charging Solutions - BMW
BMW-carport - ReNuTeq Solis
BMW-i8-Carport- ReNuTeq Solis
Solar Structure - Canopy
ReNuteq - Connections -Structural Bamboo
ReNuTeq - EV - ChargeNow - Dealer Charging
ReNuTeq - Solis 1
ReNuTeq BMW Solis (26)
ReNuTeq - Solar - BMW New York (1)
ReNuTeq - Solar - BMW New York (3)
ReNuTeq - Solar - BMW New York (2)
ReNuTeq - Structural Bamboo
BMW Charging Structure
BMW - Charging Solutions
ReNuTeq - Solar Structure
BMW Charging - Two Car
Structural Grade Engineered Bamboo


Solar Powered Charging Structures 

EV Charging infrastructure integrating:

  • Kitted Modular Solutions

  • SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo)

  • Renewable Material Technologies

  • Stainless Steel Connectors

  • Micro-Grid Power Management

  • Integrated LED/Lighting

  • Integrated Surveillance 

  • Integrated Solar Systems

  • Battery Storage Solutions

ReNüTeq is the leading manufacturer of Holistic Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure and solar canopies and structures.  

Renewable structural material technology SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) and Solar Solutions are combined to create charging infrastructure designed and developed specifically for the client and site requirements. ReNüTeq provides kitted structures made from the most rapidly renewable resource SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) available along with Stainless Steel Connections(hardware) for the building industry: Integrated seamlessly with solar structures, canopies, and EV charging canopies.


Structural Engineered Bamboo Beams - Luke Schuette - ReNuTeq_edited.jpg
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