ReNüTeq + SoLiS - Solar Charging Structure BMW's i360 Program Internationally

ReNüTeq - SoLiS Structure on display during the America’s Cup Yacht Race in New York City, the America’s Cup Village highlighted BMW’s i Solar Engineered Bamboo Charging Structure by ReNüTeq/SoLiS where it converted solar energy to charge a BMW i8 and a BMW X5 xDrive40e hybrid. The Solar Charging Structure is made out of bamboo, solar panels and marine grade stainless steel to create a gorgeous, sustainable and functional structure. Designed by Luke Schuette an architect and CEO of ReNüTeq/SoLiS.

Read more in BMW's Blog: BMWBLOG

ReNüTeq is the only company in the world that has structural certifications for engineered bamboo for structural applications. BMW chose to work with ReNüTeq's performance products do to the high performance in extreme conditions. Designed to withstand 200 mph hurricane winds and with stainless steel hardware the structure will not rust in Salt spray coastal conditions.

Learn more about our SoLiS - Solar Powered Structures.

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