Western Hemisphere Sourcing

ReNüTeq is the only USA based international bamboo company that has established its sourcing from the Western Hemisphere!  Importing bamboo from Asia is extremely inefficient and adds to greenhouse gas emissions through massive transportation distance.  For logistics reasons alone, companies that claim to be sustainable while importing their raw materials from the other side of the world is clearly misinformation. 


ReNüTeq has implemented patented technology that focuses on optimizing the highest performance fiber of the culm utilizing the highest performance species of bamboo in the world: Guadua sourced from Latin America is the largest and fastest growing, and is over 2 times stronger than any other bamboo species making ReNüTeq's SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) products the strongest natural resource for the building industry. The specifically selected bamboo culm is then processed in ReNüTeq's owned and operated processing facilities located in Ecuador (South America): Age Selection, Harvest, Drying, Exterior Treatments.


Total Embodied Energy 

Aluminum/Steel ~ 200–220 Mj/kg

Vinyl/PVC/Plastics ~ 65-75 Mj/kg

Fiberglass ~ 40-50 Mj/kg

SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo)~ 25-35 Mj/kg

Engineered Wood ~ 22-31 Mj/kg

Wood ~ 0.3-24 Mj/kg

Bamboo Sequesters 10x Carbon vs Trees

Giant bamboo has a unique geometric growth curve that makes it 10x faster than tree-based CO2 drawdown. Intensively harvested, our bamboo can sequester up to 1.78 tonnes CO2/clump/year, or up to 356 tonnes/hectare/year in an optimally managed plantation.

ReNuTeq - Sustainability - Carbon Positi

    LEED V-4 and BREEAM Qualified

  • MRc1 - Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction

  • MRc3 - Building Product Disclosure - Sourcing 

  • EQc2- Low Emitting Materials (No added formaldehyde)

  • INc1 - Innovation in Design (Life Cycle/Environment Impact)