In 2007, Founder and President Luke Schuette and his team began the process of the integration of LVB(Laminated Veneer Bamboo) into ASTM’s Testing Standards Code and serves as Chairman of the task group: D07.02.03. LVB was officially added into the International Building Code in 2012 as well as ICC-ES’s AC47.  From 2009-2016 the most innovative structural applications of engineered bamboo were successfully executed under Luke's Leadership: 

  • Airport Roof Structures - Commercial Structural

  • Multiple Residential Structures

  • Hybrid Curtain Wall and Window Systems

  • Solar Charging Structures for Major Automakers

  • And Numerous Component Applications Internationally

In 2017, Luke developed new proprietary technologies around the fiber procurement processes, production, and development of structural grade products via a radial procurement process and lamination. This lamination process occurs with exterior/structural grade adhesive derived from over 50 years of research and has been specifically formulated for engineered bamboo.  RLB (Radial Laminated Bamboo) is the highest performance natural structural material in the world. 

Structural Engineered Bamboo Applications:


Luke D. Schuette

President and CEO

Product Development Testing and Research

Holder of 6 Patents

Western Hemisphere Sourcing


ReNüTeq has implemented patented technology that focuses on optimizing the highest performance fiber of the culm utilizing the highest performance species of bamboo in the world: Guadua sourced from Latin America is the largest and fastest growing, and is over 2 times stronger than any other bamboo species making ReNüTeq products the strongest natural resource for the building industry.  The specifically selected bamboo culm is then processed in ReNüTeq's owned and operated processing facilities located in Ecuador & Columbia: Age Selection, Harvest, Drying, Exterior Treatments.


ReNüTeq then implements its patented processes in its USA facilities: St. Louis, MO.:

  • Cutting and Processing of the Bamboo Slats

  • Adhesive and Lamination Processes

  • Fabrication and Milling into Performance & Hybrid Building Products

ReNüTeq implements it's performance grade engineered bamboo RLB (Radial Laminated Bamboo) RadLam® "Lam-Stock" into performance structural and component applications. ReNüTeq works with Glu-Lam & fabrication partners internationally in USA, Germany, Italy, and Japan to integrate its products seamlessly into projects around the world. 

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