In 2009, Founder and President Luke Schuette and his team began the process of the integration of LVB(Laminated Veneer Bamboo) into ASTM’s Testing Standards Code and served as Chairman of the task group: D07.02.03. LVB was officially added into the International Building Code in 2012 as well as ICC-ES’s AC47.  In 2017, Luke and his team developed new patented proprietary technologies around the fiber procurement processes, production, and development of structural grade products via a radial procurement, process and lamination.  This lamination process occurs with exterior/structural grade adhesive derived from over 50 years of research and has been specifically formulated for engineered bamboo.  RLB (Radial Laminated Bamboo) is the highest performance natural structural material in the world. 



Luke D. Schuette

President and CEO

Product Development Testing and Research


ReNuTeq has implemented patented technology utilizing the highest performance species of bamboo.  The specifically selected bamboo culm has a unique micro-structure composed of stiff sclerenchyma cells, extending lengthwise as cellulose microfibrils around vessels used to transport water and nutrients. Less dense parenchyma cells surround each bundle of microfibrils and vessels, as a soft foam-like matrix. Owing to its relatively moderate density, and significant tensile strength, the bamboo extracted fiber have been, since long time, used in engineering applications.  As an abundant natural resource in tropical and temperate regions, especially Asia and Latin America, bamboo is substituting other materials in structural construction, and other OEM components. In fiber form, bamboo is ideal and has motivated investigations on bamboo fiber as reinforcement of polymer composites and likewise structural components as radially laminated components.  ReNuTeq is leading the world in these product developments into performance applications and ongoing research internationally.

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