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ReNüTeq has implemented patented technology that focuses on optimizing the highest performance fiber of the culm utilizing the highest performance species of bamboo in the world: Guadua sourced from Latin America is the largest and fastest growing, and is over 2 times stronger than any other bamboo species making ReNüTeq's Architectural Grade SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) products the strongest natural resource for the building industry.  The specifically selected bamboo culm is then processed in ReNüTeq's owned and operated processing facilities located in Ecuador (South America): Age Selection, Harvest, Drying, Exterior Treatments. Western Hemisphere Sourcing for Ultimate Sustainability.. Learn more+


ReNüTeq then implements its patented processes in its USA facilities: St. Louis, MO. and the Midwest USA:

ReNüTeq implements it's performance grade SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) RLB (Radial Laminated Bamboo) RadLam® "Lam-Stock" into performance structural and component applications (GluLam) Beams. ReNüTeq works with GluLam & Structural Beam Fabrication partners internationally in USA, Germany, Italy, and Japan to integrate its products seamlessly into projects around the world.  Download the overview of RadLam® Patented SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo.

ASTM - LVB - SEB Cover - Adds Bamboo to
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RadLam - Radial Laminated Bamboo

    LEED V-4 and BREEAM Qualified

  • MRc1 - Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction

  • MRc3 - Building Product Disclosure - Sourcing 

  • EQc2- Low Emitting Materials (No added formaldehyde)

  • INc1 - Innovation in Design (Life Cycle/Environment Impact)

White Paper - Structural Engineered Bamb

Western Hemisphere Sourcing



2003 The initiation of "Structural Engineered Bamboo" started at the family farm when founder and owner, Luke D. Schuette prototyped the first structural beams for testing by laminating bamboo slats to create beams for structural applications in 2003 (his final year of architecture school). This lead to his life’s work as the internationally recognized researcher, creator, and innovator of the disrupting material technology: SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) for performance-based, architectural, & structural applications.

2007 In 2007 several projects were completed, In 2009, as an ASTM D07 Voting member, Luke Schuette initiated & lead the integration of SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) into ASTM’s Testing Standards Code under ASTM 5456 and serves as Chairman of the task group: ASTM D07.02.03

2012 In 2012, lead by Luke's Task Group, D07.02.03, LVB (Laminated Veneer Bamboo)- SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) was officially added into the International Building Code in as well as ICC-ES’s AC47.


2015 The first Airport Roof Structure was installed in the world using SEB materials. Luke chose to move his company away from commodity level products, such as interior finishes and ended all import from China which is the source of low strength MOSO species of bamboo. 


2016 Dedicated to his vision for Structural products, Luke Schuette formed ReNüTeq in 2016 focused solely on Certified, and Tested, Architectural Grade Structural Engineered Bamboo (SEB) sourced from Latin America and Manufactured in the USA conforming to ASTM 5456 and EU Norms. ReNüTeq is the only company in the USA that sources its raw materials from the western hemisphere.

2017 In 2017, Luke developed new patented SEB technologies (RLB) RadLam® (Radial Laminated Bamboo) around the fiber procurement processes, production, and engineering of structural grade beams, panels, and components. ReNüTeq is the world leader in this space today as no other company has the track record of completed milestones and executed structural projects. Sustainability is at our core because of our materials, but also due ultra efficient sourcing from Latin America and USA manufacturing/fabrication.

2023 From 2007 to Present the most innovative structural applications of engineered bamboo were successfully executed under Luke's Leadership around the world: ReNüTeq Solutions, LLC. manages all operations in St. Louis Missouri, USA

  • Airport Roof Structures

  • Multiple Residential Structures

  • Hybrid Curtain Wall and Window Systems

  • Structural Glass Systems

  • Solar Charging Structures 

  • Performance Applications Internationally


ReNüTeq's SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) is the highest performance natural structural material in the world. 

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