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ReNüTeq - Structural Engineered Bamboo - Veterans Airport Terminal

First Airport Roof Terminal in the World

Integrating (SEB) Structural Engineered Bamboo

March of 2016

Contractor: Poettker Construction

Architect: RS&H Architects

Veterans Airport Terminal – Structural Engineered Bamboo Roof System

For the first time in history Structural Engineered Bamboo is implemented in Illinois, USA. The durability and beauty of (SEB) structural engineered bamboo are already on display at the new 23,000-square-foot replacement terminal for the Williamson County Regional Airport in Marion, Illinois. Utilizing a pre-engineered hybrid dome of structural steel and engineered bamboo cross beams, the architects of RS&H created a soaring display of exposed structure visible overhead in the terminal’s central court.

“I am pleased to see that the Structural Engineered Bamboo materials that were envisioned while studying Architecture at Southern Illinois University in 2002 are now implemented in such an innovative way and so close to my school.”

Stated Luke Schuette, Innovator of SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) and Founder of ReNuTeq, Inc.

Pictured: Luke Schuette (Innovator of SEB and Graduate of SIUC – School of Architecture), and SIUC Professors – John K. Dobbins (Director of Masters Program, Norm Lach, Matt Schieman, and Masters of Architecture Students. (Southern Illinois University – School of Architecture. Image provided by: Luke Schuette (Innovator Of SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo and Graduate of SIUC)

The building will feature laminated bamboo structural beams created by SIU-Carbondale graduate Luke Schuette, who is the Founder and Owner of a company called ReNüTeq. Schuette showed off his creation on the airport's construction site Tuesday. He says he began researching bamboo while a college student in 2003 and found it to be three times stronger than wood, more aesthetically pleasing and the most rapidly renewable resource on the planet.

"There's not very many products that do these three things: performance, aesthetics and sustainability. So, that's where were extremely excited to have a material and bring it to market where it does all those applications."

Travis Pruitt is the project manager for Poettker Construction. He says the bamboo compares to glue laminated beams, but is better overall.

"Their qualities are a lot better for strength-wise and stability. You see with how they're holding the steel beams from cross-moving. They worked real well for making that stability up there."

Airport manager Doug Kimmel says he was sold after a consultant told him the bamboo is stronger than wood and more cost-effective.

"It looks better than that material and the other factors that were involved with the guy being an SIU graduate and then the Illinois-based company and the sustainable material, again, it just got back to why would we go with anything else?"

Schuette says this project is special to him because it brings him back to southern Illinois, where he learned the structural process as a college student.

"It all started here, right here at Southern Illinois University. We are extremely pleased. We have received a lot of positive encouragement from faculty instructors to go after this and pursue this after I graduated. And it all started here, so we're extremely pleased to be here."

The beams are helping fortify the roof of the new terminal building, which is set to open in October 2016.

History of SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo)

The initiation of "Structural Engineered Bamboo" started at the family farm when founder and owner, Luke D. Schuette prototyped the first structural beams for testing by laminating bamboo slats to create beams for structural applications in 2003 (his final year of architecture school). This lead to his life’s work as the internationally recognized researcher, creator, and innovator of the disrupting material technology: SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) for performance-based, architectural, & structural applications.

Images provide by: Luke Schuette (Innovator Of SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo and Graduate of SIUC)

To learn more about ReNuTeq, Structural Solutions made from Structural Engineered Bamboo go here:

ReNüTeq® Frame™ - Series - VereLam™ RadLam®

Steel Connectors + SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo)

ReNuTeq International - Media Relations & Corp USA:

PO BOX 179307, St. Louis MO 63117

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