ReNüTeq® Frame™ - Series - VereLam™ RadLam™

Structural Grade LVB-RLB(Engineered Bamboo)


Innovation, Renewable Technology, and sustainable structural material via its performance grade Series of products:  VereLam™ &  RadLam™ is uniquely combined with designed hardware to create structural solutions specifically for the client and project requirements.  ReNüTeq provides kitted structures made from the most rapidly renewable resource available (Engineered Structural Grade Bamboo) along with performance(hardware) for the building industry: integrated seamlessly into commercial buildings/towers, roof structures, canopies, structural glazing and charge/share solutions.


  • Component Thickness: - 1.5"(38mm -3.5"(88.9mm)

  • Component Width: up to 4'-0"(1.22m)

  • Component Lengths: up to 24'-0"(7m) (Typical Lam-stock)

  • Glue Lam Beam Sizing:  Limited only by transportation  




Standards - Certifications

    LEED V-4 - BREEAM Qualified

  • MRc1 - Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction

  • MRc3 - Building Product Disclosure - Sourcing 

  • EQc2- Low Emitting Materials (No added formaldehyde)

  • INc1 - Innovation in Design (Life Cycle/Environment Impact)

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