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ReNüTeq's Bamboo Farms Save Soil

Bamboo Stabilizes and Nourishes the Soil:

Guadua bamboo's root system stays in tact throughout growth and harvest. When timber is harvested the root system dies and causes drastic soil instability, and the consequence is top soil erosion. Extreme cases of this have occurred all over the world in places such as India, Asia, and Central/South America. When old growth and timber farms are removed the quality top soil is lost and regrowth of any form of vegetation is limited.

Planting bamboo in degraded lands can help stabilize the soil allowing for more organic content to remain in place. Specifically plantings along river banks allows for less erosion and provides stability for precious top soil.

"Save the Soil to Save the Environment. Soil degradation is the most pressing ecological challenge of our time. Agriculture can only thrive on rich soil – there is simply no other way. Regeneration of Soil is Invigoration of Life." States Sahdguru founder of Isha Foundation - India.

+Learn more about this Global Movement to Save the Soil.

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