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Structural Engineered Bamboo - Podcast with Mass Timber Group + ReNüTeq

Founder and CEO, Luke Schuette was invited to share with Brady Potts and Nic Wilson regarding our Technology and Operations here in the #USA, sourcing #Guadua, the highest performance species of bamboo, from the Americas to produce #SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) here in #StLouis #Missouri.

It has been a long time coming, for us to be invited to chat with you both and we are honored to be included in this continued progression towards efficiency & sustainability within the building industry.

Thank you to Mass Timber Group for the opportunity. ReNüTeq® Renewable Building Technologies | Sustainable Solutions is proud to partner with the Mass Timber Group to push the boundaries of true innovation.

Learn more about our technology, and to request a quote for our Structural Solutions:

✅Want to learn more about Mass Timber buildings so you can advance your career and build an incredible portfolio? Check out the Mass Timber Group Summit.

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