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NOVUM Integrates Structural Engineered Bamboo

ReNüTeq® Glaz™ Series - Structural Glass & Canopy Solutions with Novum Structures & Novum Structures Europe

Steel Connectors + SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) ReNüTeq® Renewable Building Technologies | Sustainable Solutions

Similar to timber projects completed by NOVUM Structures as referenced below, now (SEB) Structural Engineered Bamboo can be integrated seamlessly with NOVUM technologies achieving longer spans due to the much higher structural capacity.

Ultimate Sustainability, Performance, and Aesthetics is now possible for structural glass systems.

Connect with J.B. Howell to learn more about our innovative structural materials integrated with NOVUM Structures.

Design Assist + Project Management + Installation

Technical + Design Assist + Sales

Direct Phone: +1.312.375.7339


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