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Structural Bamboo Beams & Columns with Robotic Fabrication.

ReNüTeq has implemented robotic fabrication for ultimate precision and efficiency in St. Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis is centrally located in the United States, and is optimal for efficient logistics internationally via Rail, and the Mississippi River which gives access to 36 states and several of the major international ports.

ReNüTeq has also partnered with leading Midwest fabricators who have integrated Robotic Fabrication, such as Sauter Timber, based in Tennessee.

ReNüTeq is committed to delivering performance driven, renewable materials, technologies & solutions within construction and industrial industries internationally.

Ultimate aesthetics, performance, and sustainability is achieved through the integration of engineered bamboo via proprietary technologies, materials, and processes.

ReNüTeq fabricates its its patented structural engineered bamboo beams and columns in its USA facilities: St. Louis, MO. and the Midwest USA:

ReNüTeq has implemented patented technology into all of its products. A technology that focuses on optimizing the highest performance fiber of the culm utilizing the highest performance species of bamboo in the world: Guadua sourced from Latin America is the largest and fastest growing, and is over 2 times stronger than any other bamboo species making ReNüTeq's Architectural Grade SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) products the strongest natural resource for the building industry. The specifically selected bamboo culm is then processed in ReNüTeq's owned and operated processing facilities located in Ecuador (South America): Age Selection, Harvest, Drying, Exterior Treatments. Western Hemisphere Sourcing for Ultimate Sustainability.. Learn more+

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