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The “SoLiS WEi” - Off-Grid SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) Solar Powered Structure

Kitted to be installed anywhere in the world.

Designed by Luke Schuette with ReNüTeq (SEB) Structural Engineered Bamboo solutions.

SoLiS-WEi – Off-Grid – Solar Powered Structure

Electric Vehicle Charging | Emergency Preparedness | Energy Resiliency

The SoLiS WEi is a 100% off-grid solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charger that serves double duty as a mobile emergency preparedness and energy resiliency asset. During grid failure it continues to produce, store, and deliver energy.


· Solar Array: 16.8 Kw of Solar Power

· Battery Storage: 56KWh of Battery Storage or (112KWh Option) *With built in cooling.

· Daily Range Delivered: Up to 1,060 electric-miles

· Total EV Charger Power: 16.8 Kw

· EV Charger Type: Any Brand: 1-6 Plugs, Types: J1772 or CHAdeMO

· Certified Wind Load: 200 Mph. – Hurricane Force Winds

· Motion Censored LED Lighting and Surveillance for Safer use in Remote Areas.

· Power Panel Option for Emergency Medical & Disaster preparedness needs of local, state, federal and military agencies.

Download the full PDF Overview - "SoLiS WEi" - Off-Grid Solar Powered Structure

ReNüTeq International - Media Relations & Corp USA:

PO BOX 179307, St. Louis MO 63117


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