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Sustainable Envelopes with Structural Engineered Bamboo

(SEB) Engineered Bamboo Products deliver structural, and renewable, bio-based solutions for high-performance building enclosure systems.

August 2021

By C.C. Sullivan

C.C. Sullivan is former chief editor of Architecture magazine and principal of C.C. Sullivan, a marketing consultancy focused on architecture, construction, and other industries.

+ PDF DOWNLOAD - Architectural Record - Sustainable Envelopes with Structural Engineered Bamboo - White Paper Published by ReNuTeq.

"Today, attention has shifted to applications by architects, engineers, and OEMs for interiors, exteriors, and structures. The strength and efficiency of EBPs and SBPs—along with the positive carbon footprint of rapidly renewable bamboo—make it a suitable choice for high-performance buildings. Yet, adherents within the industry and the construction community have focused on how to design with structural bamboo products. The findings have included innovative architecture on the one hand, and on the other hand a raft of innovations in modularity, system integration capabilities, and installation techniques. The products are also engineered for a high degree of uniformity and consistency, ensuring tolerances within those required for building enclosures and structures."

“Our work initiated in 2007 of adding SEB/LVB into ASTM allows architects to specify Structural Engineered Bamboo for the first-time making SEB the first major new structural product added to the standard in over 35 years”. Stated ASTM’s DO7.02.03 Task Group Chairman, and Founder/CEO of ReNüTeq, Inc. Luke D. Schuette. Luke is the innovator behind SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) who is credited for creating the first Structural Beams for testing in 2003 in his family barn.

Structure Designed By and Pictured: Luke D. Schuette, CEO and Founder of ReNüTeq.

ReNüTeq International - Media Relations & Corp USA:

PO BOX 179307, St. Louis MO 63117


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