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The Entrepreneur Insight By Thomas Reck - SoLiS & ReNuTeq

Luke Schuette was featured on this amazing Pod Cast with Thomas Reck

What if you got insights into the brains of the world's top entrepreneurs and understand how they became successful? Each week, Thomas Reck interviews one of the world's top entrepreneurs to better understand their story and how they got to where they are today. Listen to the POD CAST: HERE

-Description: My guest today is Luke Schuette, he is the Founder and CEO of ReNüTeq® Renewable Technologies - Performance Materials as well as the CEO of SoLiS® Mobility. Luke is known as the creator, and innovator of the disrupting material technology: Engineered Bamboo for performance-based, architectural, & structural applications . In our conversation, we dive in into what it has taken for him and his team to build their companies ReNuTeq and SoLiS Mobility. We also get a full description of what their vision is for the next 5 and 30 years.

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