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The First SoLiS Structure by ReNüTeq - BMW's Design Works - Engineered Bamboo

Julian Lienich, Head of BMW 360º for the U.S. and Canada about this sleek modern looking solar charging Carport. Lienich walked us through..

ReNüTeq, SoLiS's exclusive partner supplied its engineered bamboo technologies and kitted and delivered the entire structure to Malibu, California.

Structural Engineered Bamboo - Luke Schuette
ReNuTeq - BMW - EV Charging Structure - i3 & i8 - Pictured Luke D. Schuette - Founder of ReNuTeq and BMW Representatives

For the Launch of the BMW i8 & i3 this beautiful structure was designed by BMW's Design Works, Luke Schuette assisted in the design development and engineering of the final structure. We are pleased to be a part of this EV Charging Solution that showcased true innovation in EV Charging as articulated in BMW Blog

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