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Innovation + True Sustainability in Structural Glazing is now available!

Springfield, IL - NOVUM and ReNüTeq partner to bring the highest performance and most innovative structural glass solution internationally.

Learn more about this new solution: NOVUM + ReNuTeq

There has been great interest into the integration of natural materials into commercial buildings, specifically the focus on tall timber structures and other innovative building technologies intended to offset the use of “higher embodied energy materials” such as aluminum, steel, and concrete. The collaboration of NOVUM and ReNüTeq exemplifies the ultimate merging of space leaders. Several of NOVUM glazing solutions are now fully integrated with ReNuTeq’s Certified, Structural Grade Engineered Bamboo.


“We are very happy to be partnering with Luke and the ReNuTeq team. Luke has brought a very innovative and unique product to market that integrates very well with several of NOVUM’s glazing systems. Having the ability to combine our PSG and ECG Glazing Systems with a renewable structural system is truly exciting, and we very much look forward to working with ReNuTeq on future projects.”

Travis Loften, President & COO of NOVUM

“The ReNuTeq team and I are honored to work with Travis and his team at NOVUM to provide the full solution for the most sustainable and innovative structural glazing solution. It is our passion to work with the most forward thinking and well-respected companies within each space we have interest. NOVUM is by far the most well-established leader with commercial structural glass systems internationally.”

Luke Schuette, President & CEO of ReNuTeq

About NOVUM:

Novum is a single source international specialty contractor for innovative architectural structures and their enclosure. Novum contracts for the full engineering, fabrication, supply and build for most of the projects we execute. Engineering, material and supervision are also available. We specialize in Structure + Membrane + Glazing.

About ReNüTeq:

ReNüTeq is an international building technologies company that focuses on innovation and execution through the integration of performance material technologies, architecture, and engineering services. The focus is on providing building solutions through: design, materials, products, and their specifications per the specific application. ReNüTeq is committed to delivering performance driven, renewable materials, technologies & solutions within industrial and construction industries. Ultimate aesthetics, performance, and sustainability is achieved through the integration of engineered bamboo via proprietary technologies and processes. At ReNüTeq, the integration of renewable technologies = innovation that never stops.


Travis Loften, President & COO for NOVUM

Luke Schuette, President & CEO for ReNüTeq

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