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SoLiS Studio - The most innovative Studio!

The SoLiS Studio is a small solar powered studio that uses a radical S-shaped roof system to help keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter – made with the most renewable materials and technologies. The unique standing seam metal roof also has built-in solar electric panels. The home’s appealing design is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical – it saves energy and provides generous daylight.

The SoLiS Studio designed by Luke D. Schuette integrates ReNuTeq's Innovative material technologies within the Glazing Systems as well as the Structural Framing.

SoLiS Studios can be kitted and deployed all over the world for resort developments as well as ultra-efficient second or first homes. Contact us to order yours. The SoLiS Studio ships in a 20' Container and includes nearly all tools for assembly as it fastens onto (4) 12" Concrete pillars to reduce the site disturbance. Contact us for a quote

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