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Luke D. Schuette

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President and CEO

Board Member

Product Development - Research

Luke is the founder and owner of ReNüTeq and is known globally as the innovator of engineered structural grade bamboo. Since 2003 Luke has presented internationally and has lead the most innovative SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) integrations in the world. As ASTM Chairmen of D07.02.03 - Voting Member, Luke is credited for adding SEB (LVB)(RLB) into International Standards. Luke is the innovator behind 6 patents related to the performance processes and applications of engineered bamboo. 

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Gary Camarano

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Business Development

Board Member

International & Domestic


Based out of the Chicago area Gary makes things happen.  His focus is on business development in the USA and Latin America within partnerships and strategic alliances. 

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Eric Rupert

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Business Development

Board Member

International Business

Eric leads our international projects/developments and manages a team of top tier executives our of our our Shanghai office. Eric is extremely well versed in the technology and performance applications of Structural Engineered Bamboo. 

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Matt Johnson

Account Manager

Business Analyst 

As a genius math whiz it is no question that he is all about the numbers.  Connect that with his experiences living as a missionary in Venezuela for 5 years, Matt blends his real world experiences with our professional endeavors. 

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Bruce Craig

Certifications and Standardization

Bruce Craig formally of Weyerhaeuser is a mentor to our team in many ways serving as a chairmen of ASTM D07 5456 for over 32 years and is best known as the innovator behind multi-billion dollar engineered wood products, developing the testing standards, quality manuals, & processes for products such as: LVL, PSL, LSL & Glue-Lam. 

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Claudio Saleta


International Technologies

Claudio comes from the oil and gas industry. He is a team player as he takes the valuable information, brings it back to his support team, devises a plan, and execute. Claudio has executed fast paced, high demand, and complicated projects and takes joy in building these successful relationships.