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Its Official - RadLam® is “The Strongest and Most Renewable Structural Material in the World”!!!

.....which means we can produce the Strongest GluLam Beams and Columns in the world.

RadLam® (Radial Laminated Bamboo), a proprietary SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) product by ReNüTeq is over twice the strength of any engineered Timber or Bamboo Product. RadLam® has an MOE of over 4,000 Ksi, and is manufactured in the United States. It’s proprietary slat materials are derived from the strongest bamboo species in the world. Guadua is locally sourced from Central America. Bamboo is the most renewable and the most sustainable source material in the world, and now it is the highest performance.

"Luke D Schüette, CEO and Founder stated that he is proud that his patented technology has been successfully implemented into ReNüTeq's higher performance products."

Pictured: Luke D. Schüette, President and CEO of ReNüTeq

Learn more about our SEB (Structural Engineered Bamboo) Products and Solutions:

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