Envoy + ReNüTeq - Partner to develop SoLiS EV Share and Charge Hubs Nationally

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There are several corridor & urban development strategies being proposed for the implementation of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across the USA, but many fall short of improving the EV charging experience. Most are narrowly focused on “the chargers,” rather than “the charging experience” and the adjoining business models that will make them a success or failure. There is significant investment from both the private and public sectors, but ReNüTeq and Envoy, a provider of shared on-demand, community-based electric vehicles, are delivering the solution that brings together other components that will encourage the longer-term approach to improve the EV charging experience.

The “SoLiS Mobility Strategy” is planned to be accomplished through the implementation of Envoy’s advanced EnvoyThere mobile application and network technology alongside ReNüTeq’s Architecturally Thoughtful Structures kitted and deployed to sites across the USA as fully modular/expandable structures, from Two Position Canopies to full Ride Share Hubs.

SȯLiS is The Design-Build Urban Development Solution for EV Charging Infrastructure:

· Aesthetically Pleasing - Thoughtful Architectural Design

· Revenue Generating Facilities - Sustainable - For Profit Business - Agnostic (Anyone Can Charge)

· Sustainable Technologies - Micro-Grid - (Solar - Battery Storage - Grid tied Solution)

“We are thrilled to work with ReNüTeq to launch the “SoLiS Mobility” EV Charge/Share Platform through the provision well designed and sustain-ably built solar powered canopies and structures aimed to facilitate our solutions throughout the USA and Canada."

Aric Ohana Co-Founder Envoy Technologies

Quotes from ReNüTeq, Inc.:

“The ReNüTeq team and I are honored to work with Aric, Ori, and his team at ENVOY to provide the full solution for their innovative Electric Vehicle ride sharing platform." It is our passion to ensure that the solutions we provide are well designed as a forward thought, and not an afterthought to urban planning. Our solutions meet the demand for the “Ideal Charge/Share Experience” and solve the many current problems presented to the EV Charging industry.

Luke Schuette, President & CEO of ReNuTeq, Inc.

Contact: Kenny Vallelonga, National Development Manager - SoLiS Mobility


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