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Due to our market focus specifically for Curtain Wall and Structural Glazing Systems we have launched a site specifically for the technical and innovative designers focused on this market specifically.

ReNüTeq® Glaz™ - 200 & 250 Series

Hybrid Aluminum/LVB-RLB(Engineered Bamboo) Glazing System

Glaz™ Solutions - Hybrid Curtain Wall and Glazing

Glaz™ by ReNuTeq, Inc. is the leading provider of high performance hybrid glazing solutions for commercial glass projects. Made from structural grade: LVB(Laminated Veneer Bamboo) Structural Grade Glazing Components for ultimate thermal performance. Our Glaz solutions are integrated into commercial applications such as: markets, restaurants, retail, hotels, resorts, hospitality, workplaces and more. We provide a modular kitted solution that can be constructed efficiently on nearly any site.

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