We are a USA based international company and can supply to projects worldwide from our manufacturing facilities listed below.  Our Headquarters & western operations are strategically located in the center of the country in St. Louis, MO, USA allowing for manufacturing and thus inventory for programs to be positioned typically within 5 business days transit to projects in the continental USA.  Learn about our Team.

USA Operations:

8000 Hall Street  

St. Louis MO 63147 USA

South America Operations:

Francisco de Orellana 805 y Portugal. Pifo – Ecuador. S.A.

ASIA Operations:

Universal Plaza, Block A, Office 1001, 18 Taolin Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China, 200120

ReNuTeq International - USA:

PO BOX 179307, St. Louis MO 63117 USA

Operations - Manufacturing:

-Structural Engineered Bamboo Processing

-Curtain Wall/Commercial Glazing

-RLB(Radial Laminated Bamboo)

-LVB(Laminated Veneer Bamboo)

-CLB(Cross Laminated Bamboo)

-Structural Lamination: 22'x6' Billets

-Re-saw Capacities: 25 hp Rip Saw


-Fabrication - Commercial Milling Capacities

Beam and Component Fabrication:

Kitting of Structures

Full Solar Structure Assembly and Kitting

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